Specifications and Reports

Require a Painting Specification or Independent Report? The MPA can assist.

Well-written paint specifications contain exactly as much detail as they need to make expectations clear.

At the same time, these specifications need to be unambiguous in order to avoid confusion about an owner’s expectations. It should be clear to a contractor that the owner expects all aspects of the document to be lived up to, or else any recommended changes should be clearly mentioned during the quoting process.

Clarity of the paint specifications will reduce the likelihood that a contractor’s work does not conform to expectations. A clear understanding between both parties will also reduce the probability that expensive changes will occur during the painting process.

As mentioned before, specifications can act as legal documents in the case of a dispute, and any confusion resulting from unclear specifications may increase the risk of a breach of contract or a legal dispute.

What are the actual elements of a specification document? What exactly is being specified?

Before paying the full amount for the completion of your painting works, these questions must be asked:

1.       Are you satisfied that all works have been carried out as per the quotation/specification?

2.       Are you happy with the paint job overall?

If you answered NO to either of these questions, then please give us a call for a free 15 minutes consultation and if required we can arrange an independent inspection and report.

For answers to these questions and more info on who to talk to about paint specifications, contact the Master Painters Australia (Vic/Tas team) on 03 9813 5922.