Become a Master Painter and gain access to our services that support and grow your business

Having been operative for more than 100 years, the MPA understands how dynamic and fast-changing the Painting and Decorating industry is. That’s how we are able to provide member services to support business growth and stability.

We believe that every job is an opportunity to build a better future. From your first step of starting a business, to job growth and capacity, we are there to assist you every step of the way of your career.


Key membership services for painters include:

  • On-call technical advice
  • Debt Collection, Arbitration and Dispute Resolutions
  • Job Estimations
  • Access to useful resources – Costing Guides, Current Wage Rates and Charge Out Rates, Policy Documents, Surface Coatings Industry Standard
  • Networking opportunities
  • Member discounts – Our benefits partners offer members a range of exclusive discounts. See our Member Discounts page for more info. 
  • Industry updates
  • Job referrals

To gain access to our range of professional services, benefits and discounts, call our friendly staff on 0426 921 501 or 9813 5922.