Painter Painting The Door White In New House

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The quality of paintwork significantly impacts the overall appearance, durability, and value of a space or building. Poor-quality paint can lead to issues such as peeling, fading, and damage from weather or pests, which can detract from the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of your property. To ensure your building maintains its best condition, it is crucial to address any painting concerns promptly and professionally. 


The Master Painters Association of Victoria and Tasmania offers an independent inspection service to resolve disputes with painting contractors or builders. If you’re unsatisfied with a completed painting project, our expert inspectors will provide a comprehensive written report. This report, crafted to meet VCAT/TASCAT guidelines, can support your case in legal actions or be presented to the other party. Trust our industry-qualified inspectors to help you achieve the results you deserve. By prioritising the quality of paintwork, you invest in the long-term preservation and enhancement of your building. 


To get started, complete and return the Inspection Request Form to [email protected]

About the Inspection
  • Conducted by industry expert inspector
  • Detailed onsite inspection
  • Post-inspection report provided to you. Written to VCAT/TASCAT specifications.