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Announcing New CEO for Master Painters Association of Victoria and Tasmania

The Board of Directors of the Master Painters’ Association of Victoria and Tasmania are pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Cusack as the new Chief Executive Officer from the 20th April 2024.  


Since 1895 the Master Painters’ of Victoria has provided support to and represented employers engaged in painting, decorating and sign writing as the professional employer association for those trades. In 1997 the MPAV welcomed Tasmanian members into the new broader association.  


The Board has developed a new 5-year strategy to address the challenges that face our members and the industry. Adam has been engaged to lead the delivery of the strategy and identify further opportunities to provide support, add value and strongly advocate for our members as well as the wider painting, decorating and sign writing industry. 


Adam brings an extensive range of experience from banking, insurance, retail energy, and portable entitlements for the building and construction industry. Over the past 6 years Adam has supported building and construction industry employers and employees in a range of roles including executive roles at Incolink and LeavePlus (formerly CoINVEST). 


Adam has had a focus on innovation and transformation throughout his career and holds a Graduate Certificate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 


In consideration of the changing market and regulatory landscape, the Master Painters’ Association of Victoria and Tasmania looks forward to leveraging Adam’s leadership in working with our members, and the broader industry, to develop solutions for the challenges and opportunities ahead. 


Jonno Lloyd 


Master Painters’ Association VIC/TAS Ltd. 

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