Quotation Templates

Best practice when providing quotations is to use clear wording and include useful information so the potential client can understand the quotation and make an informed decision.


Below is information you should have on every quotation. 

Contractors complete details

Company Name

Company contact’s full name

Company address

Company mobile


Clients full details



Mobile phone

Scope of works

Clearly identify items to be painted i.e. walls, ceiling, windows, doors etc.


This section identifies areas such as the preparation required i.e. Sanding, filling of holes and indentations.

The quote should also state if previous coatings need to be removed to obtain a sound surface before repainting

and does the surface need to be washed down? i.e kitchen, wood work etc

This section should also include the number of coats to be applied, type of paint to be used, colour required, and

the selected gloss levels.

(All painting works should be to these standards below but please omit if they are not. All painters should have a copy of these standards and understand them)

“Premium grade products to be used and preparation and painting works is to the Australian Standard AS/NZ2311:2017 Painting of Buildings and The MPA/FTAA Industry Standard for the Surface Coating Industry” and as per the manufacturer’s recommendations/guidelines.


This section identifies what is not to be painted and is just as important as the Scope of
Works. E.g. Interior/exterior, garage, fences etc., Also include any information that you may have told the client that you believe will not meet standards.
“Variations and Damage by other Trades will be charged out as a @ the hourly rate of _____”


Contractors must have Public Liability and Personnel Accident Insurance or Workcover. This is for protection of both parties in case something goes wrong. It is important that you have your current Certificate of Compliance handy.


5 GST Must be included in the final quotation amount.


(To the specification as per the Australian Consumer Law. Available from MPAV.com.au Members Only section.

Validity Period

State the terms the quotation is valid for i.e. 30 days

Payment Terms

List deposit and progress payments if applicable. Contractors can request a deposit to be paid before work is commenced. Generally, 10% of the contract price is acceptable and the contractor may require progress payments depending on the cost or duration of the job.

Terms and Conditions

Basic Terms & Conditions are available from MPAV.com.au Members Only section.

It is recommended that quotations be in writing and signed by both parties before work is commenced.

NOTE: It is important that all surfaces are thoroughly sanded prior to applying any new coats.

It is also important the primer/sealer that is used is the product recommended by the manufacturer. Using the incorrect primer /sealer does not allow for proper adhesion of the following coats of paint.

This information is only to assist painters when writing a quote for painting and does not cover all aspects of the tender document.