Event 2023
What an incredible night it was at the 2023 Awards for Excellence hosted at the esteemed RACV City Club! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all attendees. It was truly heartwarming to see families, colleagues, and the next generation of painters come together to celebrate our industry.

A round of applause goes to our deserving Apprentices of the Year – Jackson Hearn, Taylah Messeli, Eva Hay, and Brittany Delorenzo! Your hard work and dedication shine brightly.

Let’s also congratulate our talented runners-up – Leni Gliponeo, Tyler Lawson, Charlie Johnston, and Dylan Lacco. Your future is brimming with promise, and we look forward to witnessing your continued success.

Thank you again to all our valued sponsors: Monarch, Haymes Paint, Paintback, Resene, Cbus, Incolink, MGA Insurance Brokers, Manlift Hire, SwiftScaff, and TradeGear.

Milestone Award Recipients

10 Years
Quinns Painting & Decorating
Protouch Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd
Proper Coatings Pty Ltd
Knox Painters
K & D Bak Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd
Jarrod Ryan Painting Pty Ltd
Dayne Lewis Painting
Commercial Painting Pty Ltd

15 Years
Way 2 Go Painting
Perfect Colours Painting & Decorating
Next Painting Services
Multicoat Pty Ltd
Man Coatings
Dwyers Painting & Maintenance
Baronessa Painting Services Pty Ltd

20 Years
Fresco Painting Pty Ltd
Bob De Groot Painting Services Pty Ltd
Ian McLoughlin Painting

25 Years
Top Notch Coatings
MGA Insurance Brokers
McRyan Master Painters & Decorators
Heathurst Coatings
GA & JC Jacobs Painting
Furlong Painting Pty Ltd
Fine Style Painting
Excellent Coatings
Celtic Décor
AMP Master Painters
TAFE Gippsland

30 Years 
L&R Painters & Decorators
A & A Style Master Painters

35 Years
Beyond Coatings

40 Years
Sinclair & Rooney

45 Years
Mattioli Bros Pty Ltd

55 Years
Stonnington Painting & Decorating 

70 Years

Awards for Excellence Winners

Decorative Finishes – Commercial Quinns Painting and Decorating
Decorative Finishes – Domestic Melbourne Painting Company
Finishing Trades under $10,000 Infinity Coatings
Finishing Trades over $10,000 Infinity Coatings

Heritage Restoration under $100,000 Bob de Groot Painting Services & Platinum Edge Painting (Tied Winners)
Heritage Restoration over $100,000 The Painter’s Station
Heritage Restoration over $500,000 Prestigious Painting and Decorating Services
Heritage Restoration over $1,000,000 McElligott Partners
Heritage Restoration – Domestic Prestigious Painting and Decorating Services

Industrial Coatings under $1,000,000 Platinum Edge Painting
Industrial Coatings over $1,000,000 McElligott Partners
Lead Removal – Commercial Prestigious Painting and Decorating Services

New Commercial under $50,000 Auspainters 
New Commercial under $100,000 Clean Lines Painting and Decorating Pty Ltd    
New Commercial over $100,000 Platinum Edge Painting   
New Commercial over $500,000 ProjectPlus
New Commercial over $1,000,000 UBM Group Pty Ltd
New Commercial over $2,000,000 UBM Group Pty Ltd  

Repaint Commercial under $50,000 Furlong Painting Pty Ltd    
Repaint Commercial under $100,000 ProjectPlus

Repaint Commercial over $100,000 Furlong Painting Pty Ltd    
Repaint Commercial over $500,000 Maiolo Bros Pty Ltd    

New Domestic under $30,000 Clean Lines Painting and Decorating Pty Ltd    
New Domestic over $30,000 Top Notch Coatings Pty Ltd  

Repaint Domestic under $30,000 Women at Work Painters Pty Ltd    
Repaint Domestic over $30,000 Women at Work Painters Pty Ltd  
Repaint Domestic over $50,000 Melbourne Painting Company    

Apprentice of the Year

1st Year
Winner – Jackson Hearn 
Runner up – Leni Gliponeo

2nd Year
Winner – Taylah Messeli
Runner up – Tyler Lawson

3rd Year
Winner – Eva Hay
Tied Runner up – Dylan Lacco and Charlie Johnston

4th Year
Winner – Brittany Delorenzo